DIY Fungi – Postponed to Nov. 12


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Who took a bite outta Peter Pumpkin?!!


This just in: someone took a bite outta Peter Pumpkin! “…I was just sitting there, out in the field, excited for the Pumpkin Patch and dreaming about my forever home, when suddenly, from outta nowhere, I was knocked over by a most tremendous wallop! After righting myself up again, I discovered that I’d been chomped! Someone had taken a bite outta me!”

While the culprit has not yet been apprehended, the investigation is underway and on going, and there is a list of suspects, some already known to investigators.

A few words from some of the suspects:

“Where are all those salmon? I’m starving!” – Bear was overheard saying.
“Why are we always made into the bad guys?! We’re keystone species yo! Wolf declared adamantly.
“I’ve much better things to eat than pumpkin innards. I mean really. Please! – Grey Horned Owl, very indignantly.
“I agree. There’s nothing better than sweet willow wood.” – Beaver.
“I’m innocent I tell you. I’m a herbivore. As in green things. Vegetables. That don’t talk.” – Deer
“Ya, I’m starving. Ya, I eat almost anything. That’s how I’ve become successful, ecologically speakin’. But not pumpkin innards. That stuff’ll give ya the runs.” – Raccoon

Cougar was not available for comment at press time.

So who did it? Cougar? Bear? Wolf? Raccoon? Who? Needless to say, there was a bit of worry and concern in the Pumpkin Patch today, despite the fact there has been re-assurance that this is an isolated incident. Along a gentle wooded walk, examine the clues, consider the suspects, and see if you can determine who did it…and why. The Pumpkin Patch @InishOge Organic Farm this Saturday & Sunday Oct 22nd-23rd 10-2pm.

Love Your Wild Places & celebrate our DeMamiel Creek wildlife corridor this Samhain season.

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Pumpkin Patch Blues

We are still selling pumpkins y’all @InishOge Organic Farm, but due to the crazytown extreme weather advisories, we have cancelled the festival market planned for Saturday. We’re really bummed. And, needless to say, the pumpkins are pissed. One of the highlights of our growing year. It’s how it goes with food growing & farming. Risky business. But Mother Nature reigns! So stay safe y’all. But don’t despair. When the storm passes, we’re happy to hook you up with the pumpkin of your dreams. So come on by the farmstand when the actions calms down, cuz what can you do when spectacular stormwaves are sculpting chunks outta your favourite beach? You can head inland of course! To a farm field near you. All kitted out in your wellies & muddybuddies. Warm bevvies in gloved-hands. Embracing the fall weather bluster Sooke-style on a pumpkin run in the rain. Until then, our heartfelt thanks to all, in gratitude for the generous & enthusiastic support for this event from our community, from vendors & pumpkin patchers alike! Wishing everyone a happy blustery windswept & safe #Sooketoberfest.

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Vibes are on the Rise

Freak pumpkin sightings on Helgesen Road.
Proceed with caution.
Faerie activity detected in the vicinity.
Being monitored closely.
Stay tuned for updates.

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What We Need Is Here

by Wendell Berry

Geese appear high over us,
pass, and the sky closes. Abandon,
as in love or sleep, holds
them to their way, clear
in the ancient faith: what we need
is here. And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye,
clear. What we need is here.

(within each of us, and then, between us. a Parker Palmer addition)


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Stay Calm and Swale On…


keep_calm_swale_onWaterWise Landscaping for Food-Growing
May 28, 9am-noon
@InishOge Farm

Limited spaces reserved with payment

Our summers are long & hot & dry, and restrictions on water use are becoming the norm. Come see/explore/learn about a “new” old landscaping technique we’re trying at the farm to help grow food in these conditions: swales & berms.

swale_cross_sectionLearn about:
what a swale is & how it can water your garden;
how to plant the berm: microclimates & guilding;
how to apply swale & berms to a variety of garden sizes & conditions.


This is a participatory down & dirty workshop, so come prepared for some upclose & personal interaction with the berm (the growing space offered by the mound of soil that came out of the swale). Dress appropriately in work clothes, sturdy closed-toe footwear, and gloves.  All tools will be provided, as well as a light refreshment.

An after-workshop food-for-thought discussion will follow from 12-1pm for all those wanting to stay on, so bring a lunch.

Space is limited, spots reserved upon payment in advance,



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Gonna make this garden grow…

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The Family Farm

This is what the kids and I did today:
let the chickens out, filled their feed troughs, broke the ice in their water dishes
covered the greens with remay
fixed a deer fence
collected firewood & split kindling
harvested usnia and tree lungwort from the fallen Willow warrior tree
made gods’ eyes for the winter fair
played lego
read a book
made tea
went on a beach walk
washed & cartooned eggs
watched Dogs with Jobs videos
stewed chili and baked bread for dinner
…while Steve was away for the weekend on a Solar Engineering course

Canadian farmer Daniel Schneider voices his concern about the end of family farming. Death by a thousand legislations. He says we need to preserve the family farm if we want to make sure food is produced ethically in the future.

If we want to make sure that ethics and morals and values stay inside farming, we need to make sure that families stay inside farming.
– Daniel Schneider

Take a listen to Does Canada Need Family Farms? on CBC The 180.

And give this a read: Grapes of Wrath, Travails of a Produce Farmer in Wine Country

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