Critter Caper

A Critter Caper is a walk in the woods wildlife mystery, that you can solve. Be a eco-forensic investigator and citizen scientist! Walk a path through the forest, stop at different clue stations, do different activities – identify animal tracks, do DNA testing, study stomach contents to discover what the critters eat, and more! All to solve the case.

Ages: 5+ to adult (read: really big kid)

The Critter Caper is a production partnership of Project HOWL ( and the Demamiel Creek Conservation Project.

2019: Who’s Living in the Lodge

The Beaver Lodge itself.

The Story:

One day, after having move out because water levels in the creek fell, Beaver noticed that someone had moved into  their abandoned lodge. The doorway had been dug deeper, and interesting footprints were all around the opening.  Beaver was happy Can you decode the clues using the power of deduction, the process of elimination, and the help of scientific tools, and assist the perplexed Detective Webfoot in solving this interesting and mysterious case!

Critter Caper 2019 Official Trailer

Critter Caper 2019 Official Trailer!A fresh new mystery and set of clues.Coming soon October 19th at InishOge Farm Pumpkin Patch.

Posted by Project HOWL on Friday, October 11, 2019
Watch the official trailer for Who’s living in the lodge, and learn the back story.


Week Of The Wolf – November 23 2019, 12-2 pm at 6698 Helgesen Road, Sooke

Pumpkin Patch – October 19 2019, 9-3 pm at 6698 Helgesen Road, Sooke

2018: Who Took a Bite Out of the Apple

The Forrest Post as it breaks the story.


One fall morning we heard reports, “someone took a bite out of the apple.”   Molly Muskrat was first on the scene and raised the alarm. We immediately called upon Detective Cider, to find the perpetrator. No matter how hard Detective Cider looked, his fizzled mind worked against him.  Although he scoured the place for answers, he was eventually forced to announce that he was stumped… So it’s now up to you to solve this juicy case!


Pumpkin Patch 2018 – October 13 2019, 9-3 pm 6698 Helgesen Road Sooke

2017: Who’s in Molly Muskrats Den

The eye look out from Molly’s den


Molly Muskrat has just come home from foraging and feeding, to find a pair of ominous eyes staring out at her from inside her den. She doesn’t recall having invited anyone over, and after noting the signs left around her den, she can’t figure out if it’s friend or foe. But it’s someone. For sure. Be an eco-forensic investigator. Study the clues that have been left all around – animal prints, hair samples & DNA, stomach contents, and skull bones. Help Molly Muskrat determine if she should run fast from a waiting predator, or if it is safe to scurry on into her cozy  warm home-sweet-home to a tea party with a friend.

2016: Who Took a Bite Out of Peter Pumpkin

Peter Pumpkin

This just in: someone took a bite outta Peter Pumpkin! “…I was just sitting there, out in the field, dreaming about my forever home, when suddenly, from outta nowhere, I was knocked over by a most tremendous wallop! After righting myself up again, I discovered that I’d been chomped! Someone had taken a bite outta me!”

While the culprit has not yet been apprehended, the investigation is underway and on going, and there is a list of suspects, some already known to investigators.

A few words from some of the suspects:

“Where are all those salmon? I’m starving!” – Bear was overheard saying

“Why are we always made into the bad guys?! We’re keystone species!Wolf declared adamantly.

“I’ve much better things to eat than pumpkin innards. I mean really. Please! – Great Horned Owl, very indignantly.

“I agree. There’s nothing better than sweet willow wood.”
– Said Beaver Shyly.

“I’m innocent I tell you. I’m a herbivore. As in green things. Vegetables. They don’t talk.” – Deer

“Ya, I’m starving. Ya, I eat almost anything. That’s how I’ve become successful, ecologically speakin’. But not pumpkin innards. That stuff’ll give ya the runs.” – Raccoon

Cougar was not available for comment at press time.

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