Who took a bite outta Peter Pumpkin?!!


This just in: someone took a bite outta Peter Pumpkin! “…I was just sitting there, out in the field, excited for the Pumpkin Patch and dreaming about my forever home, when suddenly, from outta nowhere, I was knocked over by a most tremendous wallop! After righting myself up again, I discovered that I’d been chomped! Someone had taken a bite outta me!”

While the culprit has not yet been apprehended, the investigation is underway and on going, and there is a list of suspects, some already known to investigators.

A few words from some of the suspects:

“Where are all those salmon? I’m starving!” – Bear was overheard saying.
“Why are we always made into the bad guys?! We’re keystone species yo! Wolf declared adamantly.
“I’ve much better things to eat than pumpkin innards. I mean really. Please! – Grey Horned Owl, very indignantly.
“I agree. There’s nothing better than sweet willow wood.” – Beaver.
“I’m innocent I tell you. I’m a herbivore. As in green things. Vegetables. That don’t talk.” – Deer
“Ya, I’m starving. Ya, I eat almost anything. That’s how I’ve become successful, ecologically speakin’. But not pumpkin innards. That stuff’ll give ya the runs.” – Raccoon

Cougar was not available for comment at press time.

So who did it? Cougar? Bear? Wolf? Raccoon? Who? Needless to say, there was a bit of worry and concern in the Pumpkin Patch today, despite the fact there has been re-assurance that this is an isolated incident. Along a gentle wooded walk, examine the clues, consider the suspects, and see if you can determine who did it…and why. The Pumpkin Patch @InishOge Organic Farm this Saturday & Sunday Oct 22nd-23rd 10-2pm.

Love Your Wild Places & celebrate our DeMamiel Creek wildlife corridor this Samhain season.

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