Pumpkin Patch Blues

We are still selling pumpkins y’all @InishOge Organic Farm, but due to the crazytown extreme weather advisories, we have cancelled the festival market planned for Saturday. We’re really bummed. And, needless to say, the pumpkins are pissed. One of the highlights of our growing year. It’s how it goes with food growing & farming. Risky business. But Mother Nature reigns! So stay safe y’all. But don’t despair. When the storm passes, we’re happy to hook you up with the pumpkin of your dreams. So come on by the farmstand when the actions calms down, cuz what can you do when spectacular stormwaves are sculpting chunks outta your favourite beach? You can head inland of course! To a farm field near you. All kitted out in your wellies & muddybuddies. Warm bevvies in gloved-hands. Embracing the fall weather bluster Sooke-style on a pumpkin run in the rain. Until then, our heartfelt thanks to all, in gratitude for the generous & enthusiastic support for this event from our community, from vendors & pumpkin patchers alike! Wishing everyone a happy blustery windswept & safe #Sooketoberfest.

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