Stay Calm and Swale On…


keep_calm_swale_onWaterWise Landscaping for Food-Growing
May 28, 9am-noon
@InishOge Farm

Limited spaces reserved with payment

Our summers are long & hot & dry, and restrictions on water use are becoming the norm. Come see/explore/learn about a “new” old landscaping technique we’re trying at the farm to help grow food in these conditions: swales & berms.

swale_cross_sectionLearn about:
what a swale is & how it can water your garden;
how to plant the berm: microclimates & guilding;
how to apply swale & berms to a variety of garden sizes & conditions.


This is a participatory down & dirty workshop, so come prepared for some upclose & personal interaction with the berm (the growing space offered by the mound of soil that came out of the swale). Dress appropriately in work clothes, sturdy closed-toe footwear, and gloves.  All tools will be provided, as well as a light refreshment.

An after-workshop food-for-thought discussion will follow from 12-1pm for all those wanting to stay on, so bring a lunch.

Space is limited, spots reserved upon payment in advance,



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