The Pumpkin Patch


A Sooketoberfest celebration of Sooke soil, water, rock & sun in the glorification of the bountiful and voluptuous golden-orange summer sunshine pumpkin goodness. Come one, come all, rain or shine; dress for the weather and farmfield terrain. We got little pumpkins, big pumpkins, huge pumpkins, and funky pumpkins, with loads of gorgeous stems on’em. And our pumpkins are local organic, pastured & happy, and approved by The Society for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Pumpkins (of which InishOge Organic Farm is a founding, and as yet, only member). Bonus! Browse the Pumpkin Gallery, be inspired by carved creations by well-known and still-to-be-discovered local Sookies, and bid on a favourite in silent auction (proceeds going to the Sooke Food Bank). And wander the Community Market of local farm produce, honey and jams, hot drinks & baked goods, faerie doors, Samhain stars, wooden bowls, and more. All generously sponsored by Vancity in support of our small family farm, and our wider local Sooke economy.

In it’s inaugural announcement, the Society for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Pumpkins is calling on all Halloween lovers to reconsider the current modern day cultural practice of “hack it-rot it-then toss it away” and instead, to adopt the more joyful practice of “decorate-celebrate-then consume it!” …in honour of the delicious, nutritious & healthful food that a pumpkin is, and for the love of all that is warm golden-orange summer-sunshine-goodness in an often dark and dreary, wet and gray wildcoast Sooke November. Spice up the wintersurf blustery beach-going season that is upon us with a warm curried apple pumpkin soup, pumpkin ginger cookies, and a cinnamon pumpkin wine. So recipes attached with the sale of every incredible edible pumpkin.

Be one with the Pumpkin!

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