Pork Sales 2023

Our pigs are raised on pasture – Sooke soil sun & rain – and fed certified organic non-GMO feed. They are raised in small numbers, so availability of pork varies over the course of the year, and while quantities last. Our pigs are processed at a local abattoir and do not suffer long distance transportation. And they are butchered locally here in Sooke.

We are accepting orders for Pork Bundle options (details below) and Half A Hog sides.
Orders accepted until March 10th.

Email info@inishoge.ca to get your order in!

Deposit required.

Pickup at InishOge Farm, Helgesen Road, Sooke.

Individual cuts will be posted for sale after large orders are complete.

The Weekender (5lbs) $65
1 bacon
1 sausage
1 ground
1 pkg pork chops

The Piggie Pack (20lbs) $220
2 bacon
2 sausages
1 ground
1 pkg pork chops
1 ribs
1 roast
1 ham
1 smoked hock

The Porker Pack (40 lbs) $400
4 bacon
4 sausage
4 ground
4 pkgs pork chops
2 ribs
2 roasts
2 hams
2 smoked hocks

Half a Hog (60-80lbs) $8/lb
You organise your own *butchering at about $350-450 more, depending on choice of **cuts and/or smoking.
A half of hog can include approx:
10-15 lbs bacon
20 lbs sausage or ground (or half of each)
20 pork chops
2 4lb hams or 2 4lb roasts or 1 of each
1 meal of ribs
2-4 hocks
Soup bones
Unrendered fat

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